200th Yizumi In South Africa!

We’ve reached our milestone of 200 machines today. It’s been an exciting journey.

I think we sold four in the first year. The very first one being to Paul Bremner of Modern Plastics who now has six Yizumi’s and a few more coming soon. It took six years to get to 100 machines with that one going to Jose De Abreu and his brother João de Abreu. The second 100 has taken two years with this 200 ton going to a long time customer in Joburg who now has six machines from us.

We find that our customers are thriving and most of them point out that a lot of their success is due to the value for money that our machines offer. Long term reliability is key and also the fact that they can pick up the phone and ask questions at any time. Thanks to my team and the continued support of these customers who continue buying our machines.