Injection Moulding Machines

New generation precision injection moulding machines.

Kawaguchi are specialized manufacturers of Injection Moulding Machines which feature:

  • Reliable Clamping System
  • Precision Injection System
  • Accurate Control System
  • Steady Quality Control
  • Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving

Kawaguchi recently made a decision, like most other Japanese machine builders, to move production to an area near Shanghai China. This was done to try and become competitive again as the mainland Chinese companies were taking most of their sales. They have been established in China for a few years now.The result is a choice of two different models of machines.

The KMB3 range which is essentially the same as the original Kawaguchi from Japan but made with a lower labour cost. The parts are mainly sourced from the same places that the Japanese built machines were sourced.The second model is the KMB4 which is a cheaper version of the B3 utilising more Chinese components but still of a very high quality and the same Hitachi controller and touch screen found in the B3 model. The general design of the machine is slightly different to the B3.

Both these models are made in a plant run by Japanese engineers and some Chinese labour. They do not have the same “production line” system which some of the cheaper machine makers use. Each machine is virtually hand built by a team of workers overseen by Japanese technicians.The end result is a high quality machine which is now a lot more affordable. There may be cheaper machines available in SA but they do not match the longevity and quality of the Kawaguchi.

There are three models available in this market: KME full electric machines, KMB3 high spec hydraulic with servo motor and KMB4 with servo motor.

These machines all use Hitachi controllers with touch screen interface, Yaskawa servo motors and drives and Sumitomo hydraulic pumps.

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Kawaguchi Injection Moulding Machines

Download the Kawaguchi Catalogue below (PDF format) right click on links and select ‘Save Link As’ to download.

Kawaguchi KMB5 Series