Mould Protection

mould protectionThisĀ Mould Protection Vision System is designed to eliminate damaged moulds by taking an image of how the mould face, or faces, should look before the mould closes after completing its cycle. By referencing to this image on each and every cycle the process will be stopped if any criteria do not match the saved master image. This is particularly useful when operating multicavity moulds where one or two components may not be ejected from the cores or hang up on the face of the mould. This results in expensive repairs to moulds and downtime.

It is also useful where complex moulds rely on slides and cores to retract or move to specific positions before the mould closes. If the orientation of these parts are not correct, the camera will identify this and halt the process before damage can be done.


This system can be used to “watch” either the fixed side, moving side, or both. It can also be used for part inspection.

Mould Protection Vision System

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