Magnetic platens allow very fast mould changing because there are no clamps to remove and refit. Contrary to popular belief the mould will NOT fall out of the injection moulding machine if the power is switched off or there is a power failure. Once the platens are magnetised they cannot lose this magnetism unless the power is switched ON. So a power cut cannot cause the mould to fall.

Magnetic Platens

Magnetic Platens

Magnetic Platens

Advantages of magnetic platens:

1. Very fast mould changes reduces machine downtime.

2. More flexibility as shorter runs can be planned as a result of speed of changeover.

3. Very safe.

4. Mould clamping plates can be various thicknesses compared to hydraulic clamps which require plates to be the same thickness.

Disadvantages of magnetic platens

1. Maximum mould height is reduced

2. Cannot be used with mould which use insulating boards.

3. Longer nozzles may need to be used.

4. Moulds with a very small footprint do not work well with magnetic platens.

Magnetic Lifters

Magnetic lifters are commonly used in toolrooms for moving plates from benches to machines and back. They are very handy for stripping and reassembling moulds as well, specially when there are no easy finger holds available. We have the following sizes available in stock, 400,600 and 1000kg.