Mould Cooling Channel Cleaner

mould cooling channel

Kakura Mould Cooling Channel Cleaner

After continued mould use the cooling channels can become clogged with rust or scale and this causes conductivity problems.

This can affect the outcome of the product that is being manufactured and can seriously affect the mould to a point where the whole mould or parts thereof, have to be replaced due to water channels breaking through.

Our product will help save time and money and keep cycle times constant. More information can be offered on request.

Mould Cooling Channel Cleaner Features

  • Thermal conductivity and stability
  • Shorten and stabilise the moulding cycle
  • Improve moulding quality
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Save energy

Specifications of the Mold Cooling Channel Cleaner

mold channel cleaner

Model K-1030
Cleaning fluid volume 30L
Air compression 0.6Mpa
Maximum working pressure 8KG
Size of pipe 1/2 inch
Power of machine 3KW
Input voltage 220V
Dimensions 750 X 500 X 850
Cleaning fluid KC200