Quick Mould Change System for injection molding machines and die casting machines, the Forwell Q.M.C.S features movable clamps for mould changing which saves time and increases production through automation.

Quick Mould Change System

quick mould change systemForwell Features:

  • Reduced mould change time
  • Reduced stock of finished product is required
  • Diverse products in small batches
  • Improved productivity and quality
  • Reduced labour cost
  • Improved operation safety
  • Shortened delivery time
  • Better working environment

Advantages of using hydraulic clamps:

  • No loss in maximum machine mould height
  • Very fast changeover times
  • Can be used with moulds which use insulating boards

Disadvantages of using hydraulic clamps:

  • Mould clamping plates must be very similar in thickness
  • Moulding machine must have T Slot platens

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