topstar md-80Nowadays, more than ever, companies are trying to improve their productivity. This is not only to reduce labour costs but also to optimise machine time, reduce cycle times, reduce electricity costs and improve quality. Robots are easy to use and servo robots, in particular, can be used to process and perform additional work on parts after they have been moulded.


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We can also assist in downstream equipment to reduce manual work involved in trimming or packing parts. Topstar has a dedicated team of engineers who can design and manufacture a huge array of equipment to speed up processes.

TOPSTAR MD-80 Three Axis Servo Driven Robot

The technical specs of the TopStar MD-80 robot are:

  • Three axis servo driven.
  • Panasonic drives and servo motors.
  • Spares available ex warehouse Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Takeout time from 1,8 seconds depending on task being performed.The TopStar MD-80 robot is suitable for machines of 100 ton up to around 250 ton depending on make and model.

For more information on the TOPSTAR MD-80 Three Axis Servo Driven Robot refer to Page 31 to 34 of the Topstar Catalogue.


Model MD-80-80-65-P-14TR
Main arm stroke 800mm
Crosswise stroke 650mm
Traverse 1400mm



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