Videos demonstrating a few of Yizumi’s capabilities

Yizumi Company Overview
High speed IML system running at 2.1 seconds. This machine has been developed over a few years and has been improved from 3 seconds to 2.1 seconds recently.
Cosmetics packaging
Electric machine making highly accurate car components
Food packaging. This is one of the largest food packaging companies in Guangdong province
900 ton two platen machine from Yizumi

Small accurate parts in a full electric machine
8 cavity fast food containers. Yizumi has a specialist in-house mould factory for making packaging moulds and preform moulds
Semi electric making medical parts
High speed preform manufacturing
Insert moulding with full automation
Tandem moulding. Two moulds in a slightly modified machine. The cycle times overlap and it results in a much higher output from one machine.
Full electric running metallic medical parts
Toy blocks are not easy to make properly due to the fine tolerances that need to be achieved. This is an electric machine with packaging station.