Mould Base SA is the official Yizumi Injection Moulding agent for the Southern African Market.
Yizumi was established in 2002 and has become a big player in the world injection moulding machine scene, they are currently the second biggest injection moulding company in China

There are a wide range of models available in the Yizumi brand and while the A5-S model is the most suitable for our market, there is a range to meet every requirement and budget .

The injection moulding machines are highly rated internationally because of affordability, reliability and also provides excellent performance that is economically viable.

The Yizumi Injection Moulding Machine include the following standard features for the SA market:

-Proportional back pressure adjustment

-4 tube water battery

-Mould Clamp set

-T Slot Platens

-Hopper Slide

-2 core pull circuits

-2 Air Jet circuits

-Double cylinder for carriage movement

-Auto  lube system for toggles

-Taiwanese Mirle MK500 Controller with 10.4” Colour Screen

– Linear Guideways on Injection Unit

Yizumi Injection Moulding Machine Features:

Clamping Unit

  • Well designed platen that is solid and durable with a larger working space between tie bars.
  • The platen layout features the Euromap standard and has both T-slots and tapped holes
  • The ejector system is newly designed and features a longer ejector stroke and bigger working space.
  • The mould height adjustment mechanism is hydraulic and gear driven.
  • The mechanical safety interlock is relocated for simpler operation.

Injection Unit

  • New improved screw design for better plasticizing and mixing results.
  • Strong injection supporting base for more stable injection movement.
  • Better machine maintenance with a liquid grease central lubrication system.
  • Two types of optional screws for different materials ie; Bi Metallic screw and barrel.

Mechanical and Safety Devices

  • Extra barrel support from 650 ton and up.
  • Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safeties.
  • Hopper Slide
  • Electrical safety doors – UN800 ton to UN1400 ton
  • Lubrication system for the mould height adjusting mechanism.
  • External oil tank with suction filter.

Download the Yizumi Catalogue below (PDF format) right click on links and select ‘Save Link As’ to download.

A5 series

PAC series

PAC K series

DP series

D1 series

FF series

Yizumi FE


YR (robot)


Yizumi Injection Moulding Machines Videos