centralised material systemsCentralised Material Systems are the best solution for automating and improving the efficiency and control of plastic injection moulding machines. The system is designed by setting up the Machines and Ancillary Equipment to optimize the consumption of raw materials.

A Central Control Station computer is used to control and automate the feeding system for 24 hour operation of the injection moulding machines. The Siemens PLC computer receives information from each moulding machine and executes the relevant commands for operation.

Ancillary Equipment used includes the following: Dehumidifying Dryer, Hopper Receiver, Autoloader, Central Control Station, Material Storage Tank, Material Distribution Station, Robots and Belt Conveyors.

Centralised Material Systems

Centralised Material Systems

  • Automation of Injection Moulding Machines
  • Cooling & Heat Exchange System
  • Recycling system using regrind material
  • Product Quality Improvement
  • Increased Productivity and Reduction of Labor
  • Cost Efficient, Safe and Reliable

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